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The Perfect Setting for Your Surgical Procedure

Riverview Surgical Centre, as its name suggests, is located in a tranquil, peaceful area in beautiful NW Calgary with a lovely view of the Bow River and the majestic Rocky Mountains. This new facility is conveniently located within close proximity to Market Mall, the University of Calgary, Foothills Hospital and the Alberta Children’s Hospital, providing both amenities as well as other health services nearby.

At Riverview, we specialize in plastic, dental, pediatric dental, general surgery, podiatry and orthopedic surgery. To provide these services, we are equipped with five operating rooms, seven post-operative bays and a recovery room area, all which are complemented by our caring and compassionate staff.

If you’re not from Calgary, take some time to stay and visit the Heart of the New West. Calgary is a place where you can experience and celebrate the history and heritage of the west, while enjoying all the amenities a city of over one million people has to offer.

What Sets Us Apart

Our facility is the perfect place to provide a relaxing environment for your surgery . We provide an atmosphere that's pleasant and very professional: from the ambiance to our friendly staff. Our record of safety, success and our attention to your comfort are what set us apart from other surgery settings.

Where to Find Us

Riverview Surgical Centre 3125 Bowwood Drive NW Calgary, Alberta T3B 2E7 - Map

Medical Director: Dr. G. Mohamed Nanji
Nurse Manager: Laurie Irwin
Dental Lead: Dawn Porteous
MOA: Sheila Clark and Patti Alexander

Phone: 403.288.9400
Fax: 403.288.9405
Email: info@surgicalcentres.com

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We’re Proud to introduce you to our Physicians and Surgeons

  • Dr. J. Abougoush
  • Dr. K. Chow
  • Dr. W. Dyck
  • Dr. D. Lovick
  • Dr. R. Mathew
  • Dr. J. Tamminen
  • Dr. A. Tung
  • Dr. G. Yates
Pediatric Dentists
  • Dr. S. Hulland
  • Dr. B. Krusky
  • Dr. O. Pilipowicz
  • Dr. S. Schwann
  • Dr. T. Seto
  • Dr. K. Stein
  • Dr. M. Thal
  • Dr. R. Vinsky
  • Dr. C. Zealand
  • Dr. M. Cholette
  • Dr. S. Sheiny
Plastic and Reconstructive
  • Dr. E. Campbell
  • Dr. W. De Haas
  • Dr. J. Dilay
  • Dr. M. Haugrud
  • Dr. R. Lindsay
  • Dr. D Mckenzie
  • Dr. F. Sutton
  • Dr. C. Schragg
  • Dr. J. Dawes